Video shows terrified passengers leaping from parked plane after bomb scare

Gerry Soejatman/
Photo credit: Gerry Soejatman/Twitter

Passengers on an aircraft at Borneo Airport were filmed jumping from the doors to the tarmac after a man 'joked' there was a bomb onboard.

The Lion Air flight was loaded with 189 passengers and waiting to depart to Jakarta on Monday night (local time) when the incident took place.

In the disturbing video, people can be seen running down the aircraft's wing before jumping to the ground.

After hearing about a possible bomb, another passenger smashed open the emergency exits.

Despite the serious nature of a bomb hoax, the airline has turned the blame elsewhere. Lion Air spokesperson Danang Mandala Prihantoro told local media that a "bomb joke" was no excuse for anyone to open the emergency exits.

Two men were arrested by police and face up to eight years in prison.

The incident comes just days after another Lion Air flight was evacuated over another 'joke' about a bomb.