Volcano tourists have picked the perfect time to visit Hawaii

For those who want to see a volcano in action, the lure of Hawaii's Big Island may be getting too much to resist.

This mesmerising video was shot at the 17th fissure to open up on the island, located near Pahoa. 

Photographer Joseph Anthony caught this amazing footage inside an exclusion zone that has been set up by the National Guard.

Fissure 17 has only just recently opened and is slowly moving towards the east coast of Hawaii.

Hawaii's Volcanic National Park is visited by more than 2 million visitors every year and pumps over NZ $3 billion into the local economy.

The park is now closed due to the extreme conditions caused by the eruption and earthquakes.

Within the first few days of the eruption, hoteliers reported lost profit of over NZ $3 million.

The eruptions have forced over 2000 people to evacuate their homes, but local authorities say they hope tourists will still visit the island.

Big Island authorities said the eruption effects just 10 percent of the island, so there's plenty to see and do without having to go near the red hot rivers of lava that continue to crawl their way out of fishers on the slopes of Kilauea.