Who better to offer advice for travelling parents than Suzy Cato

Suzy Cato is a national icon. Children of all ages will have watched her at some point in their lives. Whether it was 'See ya, see ya later' or Suzy's World, or more recently Dancing with the Stars.

She is also a mother and a seasoned traveller with her kids. 

When flying with babies Cato says it's important to remember they can and will cry for any reason so it's important not to stress. She says sometimes the answer is just 'a bottle or a boob.'

With toddlers, pack a mixture of their favourite toys and some they've not seen before so they take time to discover them. Also, make sure they're all within reach.

For older children, Cato says she always travels with pens and paper.

She's also a fan of giving children music to listen to. So much so she's recently recorded a song with her friend Kath Bee called "Sprinkle a little Sunshine" which is available on a CD of New Zealand children's music called Music Box.

Suzy Cato reveals all of her travel tips in this video.


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