Would you ride the world's longest zip line?

  • 09/05/2018

Located on the hills of Jebel Jais in the United Arab Emirates is a ride that should be on every thrill-seekers bucket list.

The Jebel Jais Flight zip line stretches 2.7km across the expansive and stunning hills of northern UAE.

In this video, Londoner Sophie Williams - who recently returned from zip-lining in Australia - takes on the epic high wire, although she almost pulled out at the last minute.

"Part of me thought about not doing it but I had told people I was going to do it so I knew I should try," says Ms Williams.

"I was terrified when I went up there but once I'd actually started the experience  it was amazing."

The ride takes around three minutes and hits speeds of 150kph at a height of 1680 metres.

Although she was hesitant at first, Ms Williams would happily jump on the zip line again.

"I thought it was awesome! I'd like to do it again at some point and I'd definitely feel less nervous about it."