Air NZ calls for French to be eliminated from Kiwi vocabulary

A new social media video from Air New Zealand is asking Kiwis to come up with a new name for the classic breakfast dish, French toast.

The video, posted ahead of the All Blacks test against France this weekend, says New Zealanders should "Make French toast, toast".

In the video, the airline gives examples of the word 'French' being added unnecessarily to names of many common meals or objects.

It says a French kiss should just be called a pash, French fries are just hot chips and French doors are just doors.

Air NZ has started a hashtag campaign for people to suggest a new name for French toast: #MakeFrenchToastToast.

French toast does go by different names around the world. Some call it Eggy bread, German toast or Poor Knights' pudding.

And it seems us Kiwis are making a faux pas by eating this dish in the morning.

In France, French toast - or 'pain perdu' - isn't even consumed at breakfast time; instead, it's eaten more often as a dessert.