Flight attendant slams employer during impromptu comedy routine

  • 07/06/2018

A flight attendant in the United States took it upon himself to entertain passengers on a delayed service out of Chicago.

The crew member on the Spirit Airlines flight decided to turn the normally dull safety message into a stand-up comedy routine Joan Rivers would have been proud of.

Rod Leon Amerkhanov, who was on the plane, recorded the moment on his phone and posted it on Facebook. 

Two male flight attendants can be seen standing at the front of the cabin. One of them breaks into the unexpected comedy skit as the flight waited for departure.

The Spirit Airlines attendant explained to passengers where to find the bathroom and how to use it.

"In the lavatory on the back of the wall there's a button that says 'flush' so please push that button every single time," he said.

"For some of you, push it twice. You know who you are. I'm not judging; just do what you got to do."

He then explained the importance of closing the bathroom door quietly as not to wake sleeping babies.

"Do it for the children. Because we are the world. We are the children," he sang.

The attendant then turned his attention to his employers, and their reputation for bad customer service.

"Just recently we were rated once again the worst airline for customer service in the United States, so I wouldn't bother pushing that button." 

"We're the best at being the worst, OK? And I'm alright with that. If we were the best I would have to act professional right now and I just can't do that. Let's just get that straight, because I'm just here for the money."

Rather than telling the passengers to sit back, relax and enjoy the inflight service, he had other suggestions as to how to get through the 90 minute flight.

"Lunesta, Trazodone, Percocet, Darvocet, Quaaludes, Xanax, Klonopin, Vicodan, and a few more prescription pills. That's just what I've taken today" he said.

He also had some untraditional advice for parents with children on board.

"Just do like my mom used to. She broke the pill in half and gave it to me and I was OK. I always woke up," he said.

He finished off by offering his personal services to the passengers.

 "Spirit does not take cash but I am not Spirit. I take cash, OK?"

Passengers applauded the routine. The airline however, is yet to respond to enquiries.