Gisborne airport's embarrassing air control blunder

Gisborne airport's embarrassing air control blunder
Photo credit: File

An embarrassing blunder at Gisborne Airport this morning resulted in one flight leaving 30 minutes late.

Passengers on an Air New Zealand flight bound for Auckland were left frustrated after hearing the delay was caused because staff were locked out of the control tower.

"Epic fail. Can't leave Gizzy cause the tower guy's swipe card isn't working," TV producer Bailey Mackey tweeted.

The flight was scheduled to leave Gisborne at 6.15am but the tower wasn't opened until 6.27am. 

Airways New Zealand, the company responsible for Gisborne's air traffic control services, told NZME the airport's tower door malfunctioned, an issue which took half an hour to fix

A spokesperson has apologised to the passengers of NZ8160 for the delay.