Parents in premium, kids in cattle class: Debate kicks off over offspring upgrades

An admission from popular UK television host Kirstie Allsopp that she travels in business class and leaves her children in economy has sparked an intense online debate.

The star of Location, Location, Location said upgrading her children would be "an absurd waste of money and very spoiling".

"Club Class should be a huge treat you've worked hard for," Allsopp told The Sun newspaper. 

"If kids get used to it, what do they have to work towards? I suspect Gordon Ramsay and I can't be the only ones to think this."

Allsopp said she travelled with her children when they were much smaller.

In one of the many tweets posted online by Allsopp, she responded to those who accused her of using cabin crew as babysitters.

"I have frequently been complimented by cabin crew on the behaviour of my boys... I always introduce myself to the cabin crew concerned and say if there are any problems to alert me immediately."

One Twitter user said Allsopp should be escorting her children to the bathroom.

"Young age 18, 16, 11 & 9?! And do you also accompany them to the toilet at this young age?" she responded.

Another called her actions "irresponsible."

"It might not be safe or they might be annoying others but as long as you’re getting your champagne etc."

Jan Brian tweeted her disappointment.

"I used to like you and thought you were a big homely, family person with all the programs you do about making things for your home etc. Being a lovely mum should be part of the picture! How wrong can one be? All for show eh?"

One of Allsopp's tweets, which pointed out she's taking the children on holiday - not to war, got the most likes.

The 46-year-old also said media had totally misrepresented her comments.

"I told the Sun that *if* there is difference, it's only between Premium Economy and Economy. That's a couple of rows of seats, but the headline writers have upgraded the story to Club, and even First. This is all about the class, no story without that untruthful element."

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Would you leave your children in economy class and upgrade yourself to premium, business or even first?