Qantas A380 hit by turbulent air from another Qantas jet

The flight had just left Los Angeles Airport.
The flight had just left Los Angeles Airport. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Passengers on board a Qantas flight from Melbourne said it felt like a roller coaster, after they hit a patch of turbulent air on Sunday night.

The A380 took off directly behind another A380 heading for Sydney. The aircraft were 37km apart in distance and 1000 feet in altitude.

Australian media personality Eddie McGuire was on the flight, and told 9 News it felt like a rollercoaster.

"Somebody described it as the feeling of going over the top of a rollercoaster, slightly, not the fall - just a little, 'what's going on there?'. There was a little bit of turning of the plane as well and a little bit of downward,"

The incident lasted about ten seconds and the captain told passengers the flight "experienced a short burst of wake turbulence from another A380 flying ahead and above it".

The airline said unexpected turbulence is one of the reasons it always recommend passengers keep their seat belt firmly fastened at all times.

Despite the sensationalist claims from some on-board, a fellow passenger from Melbourne was far calmer and measured about the incident.

It only lasted a few seconds," the passenger, only identified as Maureen, told radio Station, 3AW. "The captain said they'd been caught up in the wake of the flight to Sydney. It wasn't too bad, everyone was bedded down." 

When asked if she was scared, her response was simple: "No way!"