Woman 'inundated' with 'liquid poo' falling from sky in Canada

Ms Allen and her car.
Ms Allen and her car. Photo credit: Screenshot/Global News

A Canadian woman says she was left with an eye infection after what she believes to be "liquid poo" rained down from the sky and into her car.

Susan Allen says the runny faeces came through her sunroof after an aeroplane flew over while she was waiting at a red light, Global News reports.

"We [saw] the airplane flying over. We watched the stuff fall from the sky," she said.

Ms Allen said the pungent odour caused by the substance made her cry, and she had to drive straight to the nearest gas station to clean off.

Her son Travis Sweet was also in the car, and his face was covered by the foul smelling liquid.

The next day, Ms Allen's eyes swelled to the size of a golf ball and went red - a reaction she believes was due to an infection from the liquid.

Transport Canada said it is conducting an investigation into the incident.

"Each air operator is responsible for ensuring that their aircraft operate safely and in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations," a spokesperson said.

But according to the closest airport, Kelowna International, there were no planes nearby when the liquid made its way into Ms Allen's car.

"As part of our review, we understand there were no aircraft in the vicinity at that time," a spokesperson said.