British stag group pays homeless man to get face tattoo in Spain

Close-up of Tattoo artist tattooing right arm of cauasian man
Photo credit: Getty/ file

A British stag group has paid a homeless man in Spain to get the groom's name and town tattooed on his head.

They gave 34-year-old Tomek €100 ($171) to get 'Jamie Blake, North Shields, NE28' tattooed on his head - but it wasn't completed because it was too painful.

The tattoo parlour posted a photo on Facebook of Tomek getting the tattoo, which has been taken down after backlash from locals.

Benidorm British Business Association president Karen Maling Cowles said what the stag group did was "disgusting", and said she tracked Tomek down to check on him.

"The community is disgusted about it and many tourists too," she told The Guardian.

"It's awful, taking a vulnerable person's situation and thinking throwing a bit of money gives you a quick bit of fun."

She said Tomek struggled with alcoholism, as well as severe back pain and jaundice. After spending some of the money, Ms Cowles said he was robbed of the rest.

Ms Cowles plans to raise money for him to get the tattoo removed, to show that the community does not accept what the stag group did, as well as helping him to get whatever other help he needs.

She said that British tourists needed to stop and think about their behaviour while overseas.

"We need to be looking at why this behaviour is taking place, why it's OK to do what you like when you're on holiday," she told The Guardian.