Couple slammed for 'extremely stupid' St Maarten plane stunt photo

Ukrainian acrobat couple slammed for 'extremely stupid' St Maarten plane stunt photo.
Planes fly a short distance above tourists' heads on Maho Beach Photo credit: Getty

A Ukrainian acrobat couple has provoked fury by posing for a daring photo on Maho Beach, the Caribbean location famous for low-flying aircraft.

Yulia Nos is pulling a one-handed handstand on the head of her partner Oleg Kolisnichenko in the photo, as a plane passes closely overhead.

The couple posted the photo on Instagram and while many people gave positive comments, some were far from impressed.

"This is the reason that we can't have nice spots for spotting, people don't know how to deal with freedom and start to do dummy things," wrote Instagram user skunkworksspotter.

"Extremely stupid. When the plane hits her foot she will actually never walk again. What a stupid move," added user Tijltjeeuh.

Oleg Kolisnichenko and Yulia Nos slammed for plane stunt photo on St Maarten's Maho Beach.
Photo credit: Instagram

Mr Kolisnichenko has responded to some of the comments, telling one person it was a "stupid question" to ask if Nos was dead.

He also told the Daily Mail there was no danger in their stunt.

"We had distance between Yulia's feet and the airplane of around several meters. Everything was under control," said Mr Kolisnichenko.

Maho Beach is popular with plane-spotting tourists as aircraft pass a short distance over their heads in the final approach to Princess Juliana International Airport.