New military aircraft steals the show at Farnbrough Airshow

The latest aircraft from manufacturer Lockheed Martin has lit up the internet after it was videoed pulling off an amazing display at the Farnborough Airshow in England.

The LM-100J Super Hercules performed an aerobatic loop - the move Tom Cruise's Maverick calls "being inverted" in Top Gun. Such maneuvers are usually reserved for fighter jets that are much smaller.

The aircraft was being flown by Lockheed Chief pilot Wayne Roberts, who was performing his last public display.

Lockheed's latest Hercules has a maximum takeoff weight of 74 tonnes, so controlling that amount of weight at a low altitude wouldn't have been easy.

Its top speed is also impressive - it can fly at up to 670km/h.

The Farnborough Airshow runs over two weeks, and its not just about the displays.

Airlines spend billions of dollars at the show, buying new aircraft and signing contracts with manufacturers.

Over $280 billion dollars was spent at the airshow in just two weeks.