Rajax the customs dog retires after hugely successful drug detecting career

Rajax and his handler Andrew Bond.
Rajax and his handler Andrew Bond. Photo credit: Customs NZ.

With a record of detecting 75kg of drugs and over $3.3 million in cash that would make any customs officer proud, this officer is putting up his paws.

Rajax, the Auckland customs dog, is retiring after six years of service.

His proud handler Andrew Bond says Rajax was always special, and his paw-tential was obvious from the start.

"Within the first few weeks, he positively indicated the presence of drugs in a shipment from China. Even though X-ray images were negative, the examining officers trusted Rajax's indication and further examined the large metal bolt shipment. As a result, around 2.5kg of the meth precursor Contac NT was found."

Rajax was the 2000th puppy to be bred by the Australian Border Force in Melbourne.

The popular pup appeared regularly on the television show's Dog Squad and Border Patrol.

Bond says now that Rajax has retired, customs officers will be making sure the dog has some fun.

"He'll be spending more time getting out and about having fun at the local forest and beaches - he's earned it," Bond said.