Shocking footage from drone flying next to Airbus A380 outrages pilots

As drones become more popular and accessible to the general public, near-miss scares inside no-fly areas are on the rise.

The latest incident happened recently in Mauritius, the resort island off the coast of Madagascar.

Video posted online shows a drone flying frighteningly close to an Airbus A380 taking off with hundreds of people onboard.

The owner of the drone has since gone to ground, most likely because if they're identified, they'd be in for some serious punishment.

Although this particular video was filmed overseas, there's also been a massive increase in the number of drone-related incidents in New Zealand.

In April, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said they were "hopping mad" with the growing number of people breaking the laws around safe drone use.

Air New Zealand also came out strongly against drone misbehavior in March. The airline's captain David Morgan said dangerous drone flying was "reckless behavior" that's putting the safety of the traveling public at risk. 

Those comments came after a drone was spotted on the approach to Auckland Airport, forcing delays to more than 20 flights. One flight from Tokyo had to divert to Ohakea Air Force base, 500km away.

This Mauritius video is so alarming to some, that they've labeled it a fake. However, experts have analysed the footage frame-by-frame and have confirmed its authenticity.

President of the NZ Airline pilots association Tim Robinson said it should be as difficult to operate a drone as it is to drive a car, or even fly an aircraft.

"A formalised registration and licensing regime will give those in the air, as well as those on the ground, comfort in knowing that drone operators meet at least minimum competency standards," he said.

Mauritius authorities have been contacted for comment.