Stomach-turning passenger peels his feet on flight

Is this the most disgusting thing you've seen on an airplane?
Is this the most disgusting thing you've seen on an airplane? Photo credit: Jade Thomas

A passenger's stomach-turning actions on board an AirAsia flight have caused a wave of nausea around the world.

Jade Thomas and her boyfriend Trong Nguyen were flying from Malaysia to Vietnam on Sunday when they saw a barefoot passenger across the aisle.

But their bemusement turned to horror after the passenger proceeded to place his feet on the fold-out food table in front of him. He then started picking and peeling the dried skin off his feet and dropping it on the floor.

Wearing a face mask to protect himself from his own lack of hygiene, he proceeded to scrape the foul waxy build-up from under his toenails, then discarded his foetid body waste for staff to clean up.

Ms Thomas said the man's disturbing actions were vomit-inducing, and she "felt sick" after watching. But the other passengers weren't much better.

"I was returning from a trip to Bali with my boyfriend," she told 7 News.

"During the flight, we also observed some poor behaviour that is not uncommon on these kinds of flights.

"There was shouting, loud burping, not following requests of airline staff. For example, everybody stood up and started getting their hand luggage before the seatbelt sign had been switched off."