Woman urinates on floor of Wizz Air flight after being told she can't use toilet

Footage has emerged of a woman urinating in the kitchen area of a passenger plane after being told she couldn't use the toilet.

The Wizz Air aircraft - which was set to fly from London to Warsaw - was being refuelled at the time, meaning passengers weren't allowed to use the toilets and had to remain seated.

In the video, the woman is talking on the phone while she pees, describing what she's doing to whomever she it is she's talking to.

"You have to help me before the flight takes off. I am peeing in the aircraft," she says.

"I asked them if I could use the toilet, but they said I could not right now. So I am peeing in the galley, right in front of them." 

Other passengers on the flight yell at the woman in the footage.

"So you think it is okay to piss on the floor?" asked one.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed the incident had taken place.

"The cabin crew handled the situation as they are trained to do and reported the passenger's behaviour to the respective authorities. After disembarkation, while waiting for the authorities to arrive, the situation escalated," the Wizz Air told media.

"As a result, the passenger's behaviour became aggressive and offensive towards the crew. Safety is our top priority and the airline has zero tolerance for abusive behaviour. This is now a matter for the police."

Police are yet to comment on what charges, if any, the woman will face.

There are strict rules around what passengers can do when an aircraft is being refuelled. All aisles must remain clear and seatbelts must be undone. This is to allow for a fast evacuation of the aircraft in the event of fire.

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline that flies to and from locations across Europe, as well as some destinations in North Africa and the Middle East.