Auckland sightseeing bus tour may be the world's worst

  • 03/08/2018

Sightseeing bus tours can be great - cheesy tourist traps they may be, but they can be brilliant for your first day in a new city. 

You get your bearings and a glimpse of the attractions you may have been planning to visit, and probably discover some that you'd much rather see.

Auckland has one of these services, called the Auckland Explorer - a bus tour I definitely wouldn't recommend. 

On this week's episode of Jono and Ben, comedian Guy Williams went for a ride on the bus to see what qualified on the list of 'Auckland's BIG 14 attractions'.

At a cost of $45, the tour takes you to locations including Westfield St Lukes.

"That lady who said St Lukes would be on the list, I apologise," joked Williams.

"I mocked you, but you have proven me wrong. What a f**king beautiful mall"

Unlike many major cities of the world such as Paris, London or New York, Auckland's attractions are very spread out. Doing a tour including the west coast beaches and Mount Eden would involve over an hour of driving to see just two locations.

Can you think of 14 attractions in Auckland without including more than one volcano?

If you managed to get a list together, then please comment on our Facebook group - maybe, someone could even launch an Auckland sightseeing bus tour that's actually worth going on.

The full episode of Jono and Ben can be viewed on ThreeNow.


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