Australian airline offering $1 flights

Australian budget airline TigerAir has launched a 48-hour sale offering $1 flights.

TigerAir is owned by Virgin Australia, which is currently boosting its services across the Tasman, refocusing on their commitment to New Zealand after their alliance with Air New Zealand split earlier this year.

Virgin Australia's group executive Rob Sharp recently told Newshub introducing TigerAir in New Zealand was a possibility

The sale offers $1 return flights when booking anywhere within their Australian network.

For example, if you booked a flight from Sydney to Melbourne for AU$80, you could get the return flight back to Sydney for an extra AU$1.

TigerAir flies between 21 destinations around Australia.

Although there are 10,000 seats available in the sale, it's unlikely they will last until the sale ends tomorrow.

Recently, TigerAir was named the cheapest domestic airline in the world at a cost of NZ$0.08/km. In comparison, Air New Zealand and Qantas cost NZ$0.56/km and NZ$0.21/km respectively.