Elderly couple travel the world to feed their rollercoaster addiction

  • 24/08/2018

An elderly couple who are addicted to rollercoasters have enjoyed yet another theme park visit, despite being in their 70s - and claim the rides help with their arthritis. 

Thrill-seeking pensioners, Sylvia and Dennis Bloor have been captured pulling hilarious expressions while taking on The Wicker Man at Alton Towers for the very first time - a NZ$31 million wooden ride that travels at 70 kilometres per hour and stretches over 600 metres. 

Despite their shocked faces the theme park veterans are no strangers to stomach-churning rides, having already visited Alton Towers more than 330 times - even though they now live over 450 kilometres away - and have ridden some of the rides well over 4000 times. 

The married couple, from Newquay in Cornwall, are members of The Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain and have travelled all over the world visiting theme parks. They have ridden rollercoasters throughout Europe and in 25 different states - rating rides at famous parks including 300 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, Cedar Point in Ohio and Holiday World in Indiana. 

This is all despite Dennis Bloor undergoing a knee operation at the age of 79 and Sylvia who is 70, is suffering with arthritis. 

The Bloor couple have become local celebrities.

 "A lot of the staff recognise us now because we've been so many times but then again, we do stand out because we're a couple of old fossils. 

And Sylvia says, when you're on an adrenaline rush, all the world's troubles disappear.

"When you're on a ride, all the arthritis and pain goes away, you just forget about it all. It's a natural high. Once I'm on a ride and I'm moving my age and my health doesn't really cross my mind at all." 

The adrenaline junkies first got hooked on their unusual hobby around 25 years ago, after treating their friend's children to days out at theme parks. 

The pair were soon addicted and although they no longer go abroad to 'get their fix' they still visit theme parks in the UK several times a year. 

After trying out hundreds of different rides the daring duo have admitted they have a soft spot for wooden coasters - like The Wicker Man at Alton Towers.