Five things you didn't know about the Trivago lady

Her face has probably appeared on our television screens more often than Mark Richardson's, but what do we know about 'the Trivago Lady?' 

Her name is Gabrielle Miller, and as it turns out she's quite multi-talented. Her Wikipedia page describes her as an actress, performance artist, musician, tap dancer, clown, mime and puppeteer.

Born in New South Wales, Miller has become the recognisable face of the Trivago brand in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the US, South Africa and of course here in New Zealand.

Advertising mastermind Mike Hutcheson describes Miller as a 'phenomenon' and said she's an on-screen natural.

"It's a fact that some people just exude charisma through the electronic ether all the way through screen. Others make you squirm," he said.

So, could Miller replace the Briscoes lady as New Zealand's favourite advertising star? Hutcheson says she has what it takes.

"The Briscoes lady, like Judy Bailey or Hilary Barry, has the appropriate 'je ne sais quoi'. Others just don't seem to cut the mustard," he said.

Miller may have been putting her hotel booking skills to good use recently. Her band Zap has been on tour in Europe, with their shows boasting "tap dancing, confetti, puppets and percussive rubber animals, accompanied by original jazz tunes".

In the last few years, Miller has appeared in music videos, short films and TV shows, including Underbelly. 

Gabrielle Miller in the short film, 'The Outback Motel.'
Gabrielle Miller in the short film, 'The Outback Motel.' Photo credit: Laura Smith/The Outback Motel.

In an interview with, Miller recalled the day she auditioned for the job.

"I was touring in Greece when I received the invite for the audition. We were camping on a nudist beach on the island of Crete," she said.

"The request was to dress as a Hollywood star, casual but fashionable. I filmed a rough version of the script while trying to avoid too many bare bottoms in the background!"

Miller is now based in Berlin and recently told a reporter her appearance on the TV commercials only reflects the more family friendly side of her personality.

"I have to say, that's only one side of me on the Miss Trivago ad - the slice of me you'd introduce to your mother!"

She said she's barely recoginsed on the street, because she's usually 'more dishevelled or crazily dressed' than her travel persona.

Her biggest personal tip for travellers is to always take a diary and to take photos.