Goats hold up New York City subway

The goats wandering on the subway tracks.
The goats wandering on the subway tracks. Photo credit: Twitter/@NYCTSubway

A New York City subway at rush hour is generally a place most people try to avoid, but that can't be said of two goats who wandered onto the tracks and halted the morning commute of locals.

The two goats were seen wandering on the tracks of a portion of the N line in Brooklyn.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority alerted police and animal control about the animals, and they were eventually tranquilised and captured a few hours after being discovered.

US comedian Jon Stewart had a hand in the rescue, transporting the goats to an animal shelter in upstate New York.

Stewart and his wife Tracey are strong supporters of animal welfare.

The NYC subway's official Twiter account saw the funny side of the ordeal, tweeting out a picture of the goats with the caption "two very baaaaad boys".