New Pacman-like map shows London's Underground live

See the Underground like you've never seen it before.
See the Underground like you've never seen it before. Photo credit: Getty Images.

The design of London's Underground has always been considered a masterpiece of mathematics, skills and engineering. Now, thanks to an IT expert from Birmingham, we can watch how the transport system works live.

Despite London's Transport department removing public access to live train locations, Matthew Somerville tapped into the departure and arrival information for each station to estimate a train's location.

'Mesmerising' map of London Underground.
'Mesmerising' map of London Underground. Photo credit:

Mr Somerville calls the map 'vaguely live,' and says it wasn't built to be the best source for live train arrival times, but to show just how busy and fascinating the Underground can be. He calls the live map 'mesmerising.'

The beginnings of the London Underground go as far back as 1863. For some perspective, that's just over 20 years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

Every day more than 5 million people use the network.


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