The My Hong Kong Guide app is a game changer for travel

Recently, I spent a few days in Hong Kong on the way to Europe and despite the fact I'd visited Hong Kong before, I wanted to maximise my time in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

I was unaware of a new app from the Hong Kong Tourism Board which makes maximising your time on the island a breeze.

Since April, My Hong Kong Guide has included a messaging function connecting you with a team of Hong Kong experts ready to provide advice and tips for what to do during your stay.

The Australasian director of Hong Kong Tourism, Andrew Clark, said the updated app is designed to make travel easier than ever.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find their way around Hong Kong and feel confident to explore at their own leisure. Our lives tend to revolve around digital technology, so it makes sense that our guides, maps and even offers are available at a click of a button," Mr Clark said. 

My passion for aviation is well documented. I'd planned to head down to the site of the old Kai Tak airport, one of the world's most famous airports, that closed many years ago.

I wasn't too sure if there was actually anything on the old site worth visiting, so I opened My Hong Kong Guide and asked my 'buddy' if it was worth the journey.

"You're a fan of aviation? Then I have a great suggestion for you," came the reply. Not only did they tell me what I'd see at Kai Tak, they suggested I visit the aviation discovery centre at Hong Kong's new airport.

Later in the day, I used the service again to find out when the street markets in Mong Kok would open. They gave me a full rundown of what I'd find there and what times were good to visit.

And before you suggest I was talking to an automated messenger, there was this message that they sent after I told them my main reason for being in Hong Kong - a link to my Newshub page with a smiley face.

My Hong Kong buddy.
My Hong Kong buddy. Photo credit: Dan Lake/Newshub

I felt like My Hong Kong Guide buddy had become my best mate and I can't wait to catch up with them again.