Video captures moment Russian plane engine burst into flames

A Russian airliner has made a dramatic emergency landing after its left engine burst into flames.

The Tupolev Tu-204 aircraft operated by airline Red Wings was flying from Ufa to Sochi on Wednesday when the engine caught fire just after take-off.

Horrified passengers filmed out the window as the fire grew in size and intensity.

"Is it actually on fire?!" 

Passengers who couldn't see out of a window can he heard asking others on board what was happening.

Foam covered Tupolev Tu-204 at Ufa Airport.
Foam covered Tupolev Tu-204 at Ufa Airport. Photo credit: Rosaviatsia

All 215 passengers were evacuated when the flight landed back in Ufa. There were no injuries reported.

A translated press release from Russia's federal air transport agency Rosaviatsia said the onboard fire prevention equipment failed.

"In the cockpit, the fire alarm and the automatic fire extinguishing system did not work. The aircraft crew took all necessary measures to ensure safety. They switched on the firefighting system manually and in a few minutes landed at the airport of departure."

Six years ago a Red Wings aircraft of the same type crashed in Moscow, killing five of the eight crew on board.