Video catches British woman slapping immigration officer who fined her for overstaying

The woman was fined nearly NZ$6000 for overstaying.
The woman was fined nearly NZ$6000 for overstaying. Photo credit: Viral Press.

The moment a woman lashed out at immigration officials in Indonesia has been caught on camera.

Auj-e Taqaddas arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali expecting to catch a Jetstar flight to Singapore.

When she reached the immigration desk it was discovered she had overstayed her visitor's visa by 160 days. Indonesian law states an overstayer must pay the equivalent of NZ$37 for every day they remained after their visa expired. For Taqaddas, that amounted to nearly NZ$6000.

As well as being issued with the massive fine, the time it had taken to process her information meant Taqaddas missed her flight.

"Because of your F****** immigration I miss my flight, so take the f***ing money and get lost," she yelled before slapping the immigration official in the face.

"You told me to go away and come back with the money, now I missed my flight. You b******s can pay for this flight"

Her attention then turned to the man filming the altercation, who was also an immigration officer.

"Shut up with your F****ing camera," she screamed while pointing at the man.

The officer defended himself by telling Taqaddas she was in his office.

"This is your office, then show your ugly face!" She responded.

Taqaddas is now stuck in Indonesia while her fines and payments are processed. 

Immigration chief Ngurah Rai Aris Amran, said the incident has been reported to police as Taqaddas had "slapped the officer, who is a respected guard. She touched immigration, which means touching representatives of the nation." Although the incident was reported to police, it's not yet known if charges have been laid.