Virgin twin flight attendants who always work the same flights become social media sensations

  • 07/08/2018

A pair of identical twins lead identical lives after choosing to do the same job as flight attendants for Virgin Atlantic.

Not only is it hard to tell Anna and Laura Perry apart, but they also enjoy the exact same food, clothes, car and even opt to work the same shifts.

The 23-year-olds spend every minute of every day together and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Laura and Anna - who are also best friends - enjoy dressing identically for work, and although there are slight physical differences between them, they claim passengers at Virgin Atlantic are always left baffled.

"We rarely do anything without each other and we are definitely identical in every single way," say the twins.

"When we both decided to apply to work for Virgin Atlantic, we both said we wouldn't accept the job unless the other twin got the role too."

The pair delight in confusing passengers who think they're seeing double.

"They will say things like 'I swear I just saw you down the end of the plane, how did you get here so quick'."

Anna and Laura - who still live in their family home despite flying from Heathrow Airport each week - will swap shifts with other members of Virgin Atlantic crew to ensure they're on the same flights.

"We love flying together as we're able to travel the world with each other and share the most amazing experiences," says Anna.

They say San Francisco is their favourite destination.

The pair have recently started documenting their identical lives and adventures on social media.

"We noticed other twins on Instagram setting up pages about their identical lives so we decided to do the same."

They've set up 'twinsworldtravels' on Instagram and say its main purpose is so they can look back on their travels together.

"If anyone doesn't understand why we enjoy dressing and leading the same lives, we just say 'it's a twin thing'," they both said.

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