Worst travel selfie fails caught on camera

Selfies gone wrong can make for entertaining videos, but it also represents one of the most frowned-upon travel habits as well.

A new survey about the most hated habits of travellers in the US has found noise is the biggest issue.

Online travel agent Agoda surveyed thousands of travellers during the northern hemisphere summer holiday season.

Noisy travellers topped the list, with 57 percent of travellers saying this was their biggest passenger peeve.

People using their mobile phones came second. Onboard Wi-Fi is widely available on US flights, so using your mobile while flying is more common than it is in New Zealand.

Just under 50 percent of travellers said those insensitive to cultural nuances was the most annoying habit they'd witnessed.

Selfie-takers were further down the list, with a 21 percent result - while being stuck behind large tour groups also made the top five with 36 percent.

The tolerance for taking selfies is higher with Chinese travellers. Only 12 percent of Chinese respondents listed it as an annoyance. 

Insensitivity to cultural customs and nuances was a far bigger problem for travellers from Asia.

Sixty-three percent of Singaporeans, 61 percent of Malaysians and 27 percent of Thai travellers named this as a major issue when travelling.

Solo travellers were responsible for most hours spent on their mobile devices, averaging two hours a day.

To encourage people to spend less time taking selfies and more time absorbing their experience, the online travel agent has released a video of the world's worst travel selfie attempts.

It shows people falling over, being attacked by animals, falling off bikes and getting unexpectedly wet.

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