Air New Zealand apologises to customers, cuts services

  • 23/09/2018

Air New Zealand is apologising for a year of delays, disruptions and overcrowded lounges.

An email has been sent out to customers saying it's been an incredibly challenging year which began with the rupture of a fuel pipeline north of Auckland.

The airline also blamed unscheduled maintenance issues with 1000 Dreamliner engines.

The company said that at any time up to five of their thirteen 787 Dreamliners were grounded while the engines were serviced in Singapore.

It's now updating its services to reflect the challenges - from 2019 it will end flights to Vietnam and suspend flights to Haneda airport in Tokyo.

There will also be a slight reduction in services to Argentina and Taipei. 

It's also working on improving airline lounges and the company call centre. Hiring is currently underway to hire 80 new contact centre employees and the airline is working with New Zealand airports to see how it can accelerate improvements to its lounges.