Airport staff member caught on camera throwing passengers' luggage

A passenger on-board a RyanAir flight from Malaga to Manchester has captured the moment a member of the ground staff begins to throw suitcases on to the ground.

Elizabeth Evans spotted her pink suitcase and watched as the man picked it up and threw it onto a trailer, but he threw it so hard it slid off the other side and onto the tarmac.

It wasn't just her suitcase that was treated this way. Five other suitcases end up on the ground before other staff members appear to intervene. The careless luggage handler then appears to walk away from the scene.

A spokesman for the ground handling agent Swissport has apologised as has Manchester Airport.

"We are disappointed to see this unacceptable handling of bags by a Swissport employee and have raised this with them directly," an airport spokesperson said.

Swissport operates all ground services for EasyJet at Manchester Airport.


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