Belly dancing wookie takes to the stage in Chicago

  • 13/09/2018

A performer in Chicago has combined her loves of Star Wars and dancing to create a bizarre audience favourite - the belly dancing Wookie.

You don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away to see a Wookie belly dancing with your own eyes  you just need to pay a visit to Raks Geek, in Chicago.

Owner and founder Dawn Xiana Moon is a rouge one. She pops her hips while sporting a full-body Chewbacca costume, adorned with a glitzy bra and flowing sarong.

Dawn Xiana Moon is a rouge one.
Dawn Xiana Moon is a rouge one. Photo credit: Caters.

The quirky performance piece is said to have become a fan favourite among audiences members and is now a staple of the show.

Though Moon claims she wants to retire the character, fans were given a new hope when she spoke to cult TV show, The Wizard of Odd TV, about her crazy conception. 

"A puppeteer friend of mine helped me modify the Wookie outfit. She painted the Wookie's lips so it looks like it has lipstick on," Moon said.

She said she loves blending her two biggest passions for the unique show.

"People would be really upset if I stopped doing the Wookie in some form. I had people come to the show more than five times just to see it," she said.


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