China Eastern Airlines fires flight attendant after mid-flight marriage proposal

She said yes - the airline said no.
She said yes - the airline said no. Photo credit: Weibo.

A China Eastern Airlines flight attendant on a high after being proposed to mid-flight has been brought down to earth by then being fired by her employers.

The crew member was working on an hour long flight between Xi'an and Yinchuan when her boyfriend appeared onboard and proposed to her, in front of passengers.

Speaking emotionally via the aircraft's PA system following the proposal, the flight attendant said it was all a surprise.

"I really didn't know my boyfriend will be proposing to me on this flight, thanks for being my witnesses," she said.

The airline took exception to the proposal and called it an "irresponsible act that jeopardised the security of passengers". It fired last week, despite the proposal taking place in May.

Feedback online has been mixed, with some readers supporting the airline's decision.

"Go home to be a family cook. The airline fulfilled the plans of her boyfriend," one said.

"After marriage, it is not easy to fly again. The grounding is actually a good thing for these two lovers," said another.

Those who threw their support behind the flight attendant have called the airline "heartless".

Neither the couple nor the airline have spoken to media about the incident.