Dramatic video of plane landing in Typhoon Mangkhut a fake

A viral video claiming to show a Dragon Air flight landing in Shenzhen during the wild weather of Typhoon Mangkhut is a fake.

It's been published by multiple news websites and has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across multiple social media platforms.

To viewers who are used to similar types of hoaxes, the footage is obviously not genuine.

But thousands of people have been duped into thinking its real and have expressed their concern for the passengers onboard. 

"Wow, great work by pilot, sooooo scary, glad all are OK," posted one concerned viewer.

"How the HELL did they land that... wow pilots... just... wow," posted another.

Fact-checking website Snopes tracked down the team behind the first part of the video, a company called MeniThings, who specialise in CGI.

Meni Tsirbas, the owner of the company, has even tweeted about the video's legitimacy. 

"It's a CGI work published by @MeniThings," he confirmed in a tweet.

The second part of the video filmed on the ground was taken from news footage of an emergency landing in Shenzhen in August.

A single post of the video on Time News International has been viewed more than 11 million times and has 31,000 comments.