Drunk passenger attempts to break into cockpit to charge phone

A passenger has been arrested after attempting to enter the cockpit of an aircraft flying between Mumbai to Kolkata.

The IndiGo Airlines flight was about to depart when a man who was described as "drunk" attempted to enter the cockpit, saying he needed to charge his phone.

The "unruly passenger" was removed from the plane and taken into custody by local police.

An IndiGo spokesperson said all safety procedures were followed, in order to maintain the safety of those onboard.

"Following standard operating procedures, the captain operating 6E-395 flight from Mumbai to Kolkata initiated the offloading of the passenger, on grounds of a security violation," a spokesperson said in a statement.

Entry to an aircraft's cockpit has been extremely restricted following the terrorist attacks on the US on September 11, 2001.

Passengers are prohibited from entering the cockpit of a commercial flight.

The IndiGo passenger was later released by police and no charges were laid.

"He was drunk and wanted to charge his mobile phone. Police did not find any offence against him to charge a case," a police spokesperson said.