Giant sinkhole swallows up beach at Australian tourist hotspot

A massive sinkhole has opened up on a popular Queensland beach, only a few hundred metres away from another that swallowed a caravan and a car in 2015.

It is thought the hole, at Inskip Point just north of Noosa Heads, opened up overnight. 

Aerial footage shows the hole, which AAP reports is believed to be 7.5 metres-deep. 

The incident has forced people to evacuate campgrounds with authorities having to retrieve vehicles and camping equipment.

George Pearce, a local skipper, told 7 News the lapping water had heavily eroded sand banks that were hugging the tree line. 

"We could see [the hole] forming, could see stirred up water and the beach eroding," Mr Pearce says.

It was unlikely this sinkhole would have the same effect on campgrounds, as the sites were moved back from the beach after the 2015 incident, he says.

Authorities are currently inspecting the hole.


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