Harry and Meghan 'fairly tantalised' by New Zealand visit

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are heading to New Zealand - and could be in for a traditional Kiwi feed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are visiting Rotorua as part of their tour, and Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick says her town is "pretty excited" at being able to show some hospitality.

"We're going to show them a slice of our little bit of paradise," she told The AM Show host Duncan Garner on Tuesday.

"We're pretty used to that actually Duncan. We've been doing hosting royalty for over 150 years here."

Ms Chadwick says the visit will help the royals understand the importance of the partnership with Māori - and hinted there could be a hangi to celebrate.

"I think they're fairly tantalised about our little bit of paradise in our backyard," she says.

"I think they're pretty keen here, actually, to see how we cook here in Rotorua and there's a bit of a secret."

Royal visits to New Zealand also often used to show off some traditional Kiwi kai.

When Prince William visited in 2010, he got behind the BBQ and helped cook a few sausages before digging into some lamb and steaks.

But the royals won't have much time to tantalise their taste buds. Newshub's Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr says Australia will get the most time to feed the royals.

"It's a very, very quick trip, and this whole trip around the Pacific - Australia has the lion's share of this," he says.

"I think 16 days is the total duration of their trip - we only get them for four days. So not that much. Australia gets the majority. Absolute majority."

So Burr encourages Kiwis to make the most of it and get behind the visit while they can.

"They are the cool royals. Have a look at some of the history of Harry and the history of Megan. They are pretty cool," he says.

"Get out there and have a look."