India airline passengers suffer nosebleeds after crew forget to pressurise cabin

Passengers on a flight in India are recovering from nosebleeds and minor injuries after crew forgot to pressurise the cabin.

The Jet Airways flight carrying 166 passengers from Mumbai to Jaipur deployed oxygen masks and made an emergency landing.

It was an agonising 45 minutes for about 30 passengers who suffered headaches and nosebleeds. Five of them needed to be taken to hospital for an evaluation after the plane landed.

Images posted to social media of the plane show oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling. The passengers claim crew on the plane failed to explain what happened.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed the incident and the crew was being investigated.

"First aid was administered to few guests who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose, etc," Jet Airways said in a statement.

"The flight's cockpit crew has been taken off scheduled duties pending investigation."