It's raining fish: Footage shows plane dumping fish in an effort to replenish American lakes

  • 18/09/2018

Footage has been released showing an aircraft dumping a load of fish into a lake as part of efforts to replenish marine life across American lakes.

The lakes at Boulder Mountain, South Utah are popular with fishing tourists as well as locals, but the fish population has been dropping to alarming levels.

The video shows up to 35,000 fish being flung from a plane.

Before conservationists began using aircraft to replenish the lakes, they used to walk for miles with buckets full of fish.

The technique is also used in New Hampshire and West Virginia.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said most of the fish are around 4cm long and estimate 95 percent of them survive the fall.

Further large scale fish drops are planned to be carried out in the coming days.


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