Kim Crossman reveals a passenger died on her LA to NZ flight

Kiwi actress Kim Crossman has revealed she faced a scary experience on a flight between Los Angeles, US and Auckland, New Zealand, after a passenger died mid-flight.

Crossman, who was guest host on Three's The Project on Wednesday night, told the show the plane was mid-air when staff began asking repeatedly if there were any medical professionals aboard.

"In my mind the arrogance in me goes, 'Well I was on a loosely based medical drama, does that qualify me?'" Crossman, who once held a role on Shortland Street, joked.

Sadly it was later announced to the plane's passengers the traveller had passed away. 

Crossman said she found out first-hand what happens when a passenger dies on a plane, which is that the person's body is covered with a blanket and waits for landing in their assigned seat. If possible, the person stuck sitting next to the body is then offered a new seat.

According to Crossman, once the plane has landed, the passengers have to wait with seatbelts on for police to arrive and make sure the death was not caused by foul play.


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