MH370: British man claims to have found wreckage in Cambodian jungle on Google Maps

  • 08/09/2018
An MH70 memorial.
An MH70 memorial. Photo credit: Reuters

A British man claims to have found MH370 on Google Maps, more than four years after the passenger jet disappeared and experts failed to find it.

Ian Wilson told the Daily Star Online he thinks the plane's wreckage is lying in a high-altitude jungle in Cambodia.

He said it was pretty easy to find, after spending a few hours looking around on Google Maps.

"I just thought I'd have a wander through. I work in digital video so I'm on Google Earth all the time," he said.

"So I was on there - a few hours here, a few hours there. If you added it up I spent hours searching for places a plane could have gone down."

Mr Wilson claims to have footage of the jet lying in the jungle and he believes the measurements match up with a Boeing 777.

The photos show a jet measuring around 70 metres in length, but with a mysterious gap between the tail and body that could account for the extra length.

The Bureau of Aircraft Investigations Archives told the Daily Star Online it could not rule out the plane being MH370.

But the Aviation Safety Network has another suggestion for what it could be, telling the Daily Star Online it's a jet caught by Google Maps in the air mid-flight.

That hasn't put off Mr Wilson. He's hoping to travel to Cambodia himself to look for the plane.

"I'd love to search for it. I'm confident. It's something I'd like to do," he told the Daily Star Online.

Google Maps has not commented on the find.