Mother's disgust after flight attendant yells at her for her crying baby

Mother's disgust after flight attendant yells at her for her crying baby
Photo credit: Twitter/Krupa Patel Bala

An Australian mother has shared her absolute disgust after a flight attendant yelled at her because her newborn baby was crying.

Krupa Patel Bala was travelling business class with her husband and her eight-month-old son on a United Airlines flight from Sydney to San Francisco.

Ms Bala live posted on Facebook about her shocking experience as it happened through in-flight Wifi.

She says was "beyond infuriated".

"Now, I don't really know what's wrong with my baby, but he tends to cry from time to time. I hear that's common with newborns but this is my only child, so I could be mistaken," the post reads. 

"After about 5 minutes of the baby crying in the bassinet, Linda (the flight attendant manager who is also our server and the purser) came over and *yelled* at my husband it was "absolutely unacceptable" for the baby to cry.

Ms Bala says the couple picked him up and tried to calm him down. When the flight attendant returned she called Ms Bala to economy class to discuss the situation. 

She was told she should have given her son his bottle back even though he'd finish it. She shouldn't have tried to put him to sleep because the lights weren't down and he's "obviously" too excited. 

And she was reminded that some airlines don't allow babies in business class. 

Ms Bala says she was told "babies are not allowed to cry for more than five minutes" because it really stresses the crew out.

"I was told it's part of the rule book that the babies are not allowed to cry for more than 5 minutes. When I asked to see the rule book, I was laughed at and told I could see it when we landed because there's no internet. Yet. Here I am. Posting this in-flight via WiFi that I specifically purchased to post this for $28.99."

Ms Bala tried to explain to the flight attendant that crying babies were stressful for everyone and this situation could have been better managed. 

"Her response to that was to tell me that it didn't matter because it was just unacceptable for the baby to cry and as the parent, I need to control him."

She says the flight attendant never admitted how she handled the situation was wrong or that she lied about rule of babies crying.

The pilot approached the family and apologised and upon arrival in San Francisco United representatives greeted them apologised and offered them a refund. 

She says the other United staff were "wonderful" but she will never fly United Airlines again because of the situation. 

The flight attendant in question was being "held out of service" pending an investigation, United Airlines told Californian broadcaster KTVU in a statement. 

"We've been in touch with our customer via social media and United representatives met the family upon arrival to apologise, offer a refund and make clear that the experience she relayed doesn't reflect our commitment to serving our customers, including our youngest customers," the company said.

"Young families are welcome on our flights, including in business class.

"We are continuing to review the incident internally and the flight attendant is being held out of service pending the investigation."