New generation of cruisers suggests ships aren't just for old people

As the cruise industry continues to grow, the assumption that cruise ships are full of golden oldies playing bingo is being shattered.

Speaking to Mark Sainsbury on Radio Live, Tim Holden from Flight Centre Cruises said New Zealand is one of the fastest growing markets.

"Over the next 10 years there's over 100 ships being built, and a lot of them will be coming to Australia and New Zealand," Holden said.

Holden also downplayed the perceived threat of norovirus, saying it's relatively uncommon but "everyone hears about it" due to media coverage.

Sainsbury then moved on to the subject of glamour at sea, asking Holden just how spectacular cruise ships are getting these days.

"There's some outstanding stuff. Some of the rooms you can get onboard, you could have a party in - they are that big. Other people who don't spend as much time in their rooms might prefer something smaller and spend their time in the bars and watching the entertainment," Mr Holden said.

The full interview can be watched in the video player above.