Passenger outraged after being called 'Miss' instead of 'Doctor'

Australian academic Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer wants Qantas to know, yes there was a doctor on-board, but they weren't acknowledging it.

The London-based lecturer has posted on Twitter about being referred to as 'Miss' rather than 'Doctor' when boarding a Qantas flight.

"I did not spend 8 years at university to be called Miss," Dr Dwyer said in a tweet that's set social media alight.

Opinion is divided as to whether the incident was sexism on behalf of the flight attendant or a case of Dr Dwyer being overly 'precious.'

Dr O'Dwyer said her tweet was about inequality, not ego.

"Copping so much flack for this tweet. This was not about my ego. It was about highlighting one of a thousand instances of sexism that women encounter every day. It's not about the title, it's about the fact that this wouldn't have happened if I was a man."

One Twitter user called it "One of the more narcissistic tweets I've seen in a long time."

The debated heated up when fellow academic Dr Mel Thomson said she didn't study for years to 'have 'a trolley dolly' decide what she gets called.'

The use of the term trolley dolly sparked claims of discrimination against cabin crew on the part of Dr Thomson.

'Please don't refer to us as trolley dollies. We may not have completed a PhD however we are required by law 2 maintain qualifications that enable us to evacuate an aircraft in 90 seconds, keep you alive in-flight, prevent hijacking, put out fires etc,' one flight attendant responded.

The airline has spoken out in support of its cabin crew.

"We are extremely proud of our cabin crew, who respectfully serve our customers every day and play a vital safety role," a Qantas spokesperson said.


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