Spectacular footage shows aircraft passing each other 'head-on'

Video posted anonymously online shows the moment two aircraft pass each other head-on, flying at speeds of around 900 kilometres an hour.

The video was posted on discussion website Reddit by a user known as WingStall. The post has received hundreds of comments from people - both the curious and fascinated.

Despite the dramatic images, there's nothing dangerous or out of the ordinary taking place. The aircraft are essentially on the same 'highway in the sky' travelling in opposite directions with a vertical gap between them of 1000 feet.

The pilot who posted the video said it's one of the perks of being at the front of the plane.

"That's what you don't get to see from your window seat," he posted.

Another Reddit user also saw a funny side to the video.

"I wonder if the pilots waved to each other as they passed like bus drivers do," they wrote.