The massive luxury yacht that'll cost you $800,000 a week to stay

One of the world's largest and most luxurious mega-yachts is in Auckland for a two month maintenance stop over. 

At 91 metres high, the Aquijo's mast towers over the Auckland Harbour Bridge and has a Kiwi team working on its sails. 

The Kiwi team were at work using a crane to help remove huge two-tonne sails that will be checked over and serviced on Friday.

"We have a production side and we have spinnaker and service side but because of this operation we've shut everything else down and we're solely working on these sails for two weeks," North Sails Service Manager Ben Costello says.

Built in 2016, the Aquijo is a whopping 86 metres in length. 

On board, there's an indoor spa pool, sauna and turkish bath, multiple dining areas, as well as seven separate cabins that can host 12 guests and another spa on the outer deck for good measure.    

It's here for a two-month maintenance period before its European businessman owner tours New Zealand.

Work to prep the sails for de-rigging started on Thursday and two of the North Sails team were run out to the super yacht which has a Kiwi co-captain from Matakana.

And it's not cheap to go on board, its available for charter at $800,000 a week plus expenses.