Toddler's adorable reaction to her first flight, despite not leaving the ground due to delays

  • 17/09/2018

You'd think after being delayed on the ground for six hours anyone, and especially a toddler, would be well and truly over being stuck on a plane.

That wasn't the case for Phoenix Preston, a four year old who was delayed on her first ever flight.

Preston was travelling from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Orlando, Florida, to visit her father but was delayed due to a mechanical fault.

Despite many on board being aggrieved by the delay, Pheonix's mother, Leandra, said her daughter's excitement never wavered - and it wasn't long before her unbridled wonder and optimism enthralled her fellow passengers, too. 

Capturing the moment the plane finally begins to taxi and Phoenix, like her namesake, begins to rise - the tot adorably exclaims, "this is awesome. Yee-haw," as other passengers can be heard laughing in the background.


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