Why Queenstown is the ideal spring destination

As we move on from winter and approach the warmer time of the year, things in Queenstown become a lot more chilled.

Not because of the temperature - that's warming up - but because a mood of relaxation spreads across the ski fields. Those who were hardcore ski junkies have left the mountain, opening it up to more leisurely skiers.

Spring is perfect time for those who prefer the idea of skiing in the morning and heading out for a drink in the afternoon, or even a few holes at one of the many local golf courses. 

And you don't have to leave the mountain if you want to sample some of the local beer and wine. There are plenty of craft beers and amazing central Otago wines available on the slopes too.

As the video above shows, I'm no Annelise Coberger or Nico Porteous on the slopes. 

In fact up until this visit, I'd never skied in my life, but that just reinforces the fact that there's something for everyone on the mountain in spring.