Would-be holidaymaker mistakenly tells officials she's a terrorist

There's one box no one should ever click while applying for a visa. Photo credit: file

A British woman's dream to visit New York before she succumbs to terminal breast cancer became a nightmare after she accidentally declared herself a terrorist.

Mandie Stevenson, 29, was filling out a visa application on her iPad when she accidentally ticked a box declaring she planned to "engage in or have ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage or genocide", reports the Daily Mail.

"I knew the answers to the questions were 'no', and I think it's been when I've scrolled through the web page it has clicked yes by mistake," she told the paper, calling the terrorism box the "worst of all to click" incorrectly.

Two days later she found out her application had been denied, and she couldn't get the mistake fixed over the phone.

"I thought there would be something they could do quickly for people like me who'd simply made a mistake."

Ms Stevenson eventually got it sorted out after meeting with officials at the US embassy, but had to pay £800 for new flights.

She told the Mail it's a lesson for others to take care and "triple-check" when filling out important documents.