Air New Zealand, Qantas lambast each other's countries on Twitter

Air New Zealand, Qantas lambast each other's countries on Twitter
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Air New Zealand and Qantas have jokingly mocked each other's home country in a hilarious Twitter exchange to promote their new joint service.

In announcing the start of a new domestic codeshare relationship, the two national airlines of Australia and New Zealand also cemented their 'frenemies' relationship.

After Air NZ posted on Twitter about the codeshare, which allows passengers booking flights into Australia to fly on Qantas domestic flights using an Air NZ ticket and vice versa, Qantas hit them up.

"Kia ora! We've had our differences, so before our domestic codeshare with you takes off today, wanna clear the air? #frenemies," wrote Qantas.

Air NZ replied by joking: "What do you get when you take away NZ's stunning ski fields, world-class cuisine and cool culture? Australia."

Not going down with a fight, Qantas referenced how New Zealand seems to be always left off international maps - something the airline said never happens with Australia.

The mini-feud, however, seems to have been won by the Kiwis, who mic dropped with "Who's your PM this week?" after which Qantas quickly moved on to say they were glad the air had been cleared.

But Air NZ wasn't done just yet.

"Hard luck in Japan last night. Don't feel too bad - last time the Wallabies won the Cup, Twitter hadn't even been invented yet," it wrote.

The airlines' codeshare relationship kicked off on Sunday.


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