Amazing photos of Australia's Uluru taken during a massive thunderstorm

  • 16/10/2018
"I had never seen anything like it!"
"I had never seen anything like it!" Photo credit: Caters

Photos taken in the Australian outback have captured the moment lightning struck the iconic landmark of Uluru.

Photographer Kartikeya Sharma says he's made it his mission to chase storms in Australia's 'red centre', which he describes as a ritual that "spiritually connects him to the land".

Photographer captures lightning striking famous Aussie landmark.
Photographer captures lightning striking famous Aussie landmark. Photo credit: Caters

From rainwater cascading down the rock to bolts of lightning striking overhead, the images are said to show Uluru as it's never been seen before.

"It reminds you how insignificant you are in the bigger picture, and how much bigger things there are going on in this world," said Mr Sharma.

"Uluru under heavy rains has to be seen to be believed, the hundreds of waterfalls streaming down the rock. No photographs could do it justice."

Mr Sharma said he is hooked on the adrenaline rush he gets from chasing storms, but never shoots when they are overhead for fear of being hit by lightning.

He said this particular storm was special.

*MANDATORY BYLINE* PIC FROM Kartikeya Sharma /Caters News - (PICTURED:Kartikeya Sharmas collection of photographs taken at Uluru, Australia) - It is one of Australias most sacred landmarks, and these snapshots show the beauty of Uluru is only deepened when the elements take hold. Photographer Kartikeya Sharma, 32, has chased storms to the big red rock for years, in what he describes a ritual that makes him feel spiritually connected to the land.SEE CATERS COPY
Photo credit: Caters

"I knew when I saw the cell approaching that I had never seen anything like it, and I managed to reach a dune top to shoot it at just the right time."